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International Activities
We have built good cooperative relations with CRL (Japan), NIST (the US) and NML (Australia) by staff visits, standard comparison and mutual researches. Other actual activities include:
•In October 1999, participated in APMP GPS Calibration Trip, which was organized by NML;
    totaling 14 standard participants from the world.
•Organized the first APMP common View Observation (Oct.1999), totaling 13 standard 
    participants from the world. 
•In June, 2000 participated in APMP Two-way Satellite Time Transfer, which is organized by CRL 
    (seven participants from Asia-Pacific area are expected );and 
•Will shortly carry on the C-band Two-way Satellite Time Transfer among NIST and NML. 
•Will shortly carry on the Ku-band Two-way Satellite Time Transfer between USNO and TL.
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