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 Our Environment and History


May 1969 - Established Primary Standard System and HF broadcast Station
Jun 1972 - Jointed BIH as UTC(TL)
Dec 1974 - Entrusted by MOEA
Apr 1989 - Attended the representatives of Labs, contributing to TAI
Apr 1992 - Passed ISO/IEC Guide 25 Laboratory Accreditation (per 3 years)
Jul 1993 - Got Financial Support from NBS, MOEA
May 1996 - Passed ISO Guide 9001 Research Certification
Jul 1996 - Reorganize from TL, MOTC to TL, ChungHwa Telecom
Nov 1997 - Attended APMP GA Meeting (per year)
Apr 1998 - participated IGS/BIPM pilot project and CCTF TWSTFT working group
Apr 1999 - Attended 14th CIPM CCTF meeting (per 2~3 years)
Jun 2000 - Published Network Timing Protocol Service
2002 - Jointed BIPM GPS-P3 project
Oct 2003 - Attended 22nd CGPM meeting (per 4 years)
2003 - Held the first proficiency testing activity for frequency measurement (per 3 years)
2003 - Established the first TWSTFT link between TL and VSL
Oct 2004 - Begun to generate TA(TL)
2006 - JCRB approved TL CMC
2006 - The first portable station experiment from NICT to calibrate TL TWSTFT equipment in Asia
2008 - Established the TWSTFT link with PTB
2008 - held the first proficiency testing activity for tachometer (per 3 years)
2009 - Passed ISO/IEC Guide 17043 proficiency testing Laboratory Accreditation (per 5 years)
Mar 2010 - Dual PRN two-way satellite time transfer with NICT, Japan
Nov 2011 - Dr. H. T. Lin was approved as APMP TCTF chair
Nov 2012 - Held APMP GNSS Receiver Calibration Exercise at MSL, New Zealand
 Major Projects
Joint BIPM for maintaining the highest standard time & freq. of the world
Maintain the national of time and frequency standard of Taiwan
Take concerted promotion of the institution of CNLA and establish the system of tracing source for time and frequency
Establish the technique of national time dissemination service of Taiwan
Offer the calibration service for precise frequency instrument
National standard time & frequency dissemination
Support the research in the safeguarding of the national telecom reference clock and its performance enhancement
Participate international time and frequency activities
 Environment for Facilities
1 instrument room for data collection, room temperature kept in 23±1 degree C
1 receiving room for time and frequency transfer
4 clock rooms, all with E-M shielding and room temperature kept in 23±1 degree C
All instruments' power are supplied and filtered by regulator, rectifier and UPS
Chief:Chia-Shu LIAO / / Tel:886-3-4244441
If you have any question, please contact with: / Tel:886-3-4244066 / Fax:886-3-4245474