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Speaking Clock Service
    In Taiwan, the old speaking clock which uses a magnetic recording disc has been replaced by an IPC-based digital system since 1994. The speaking clock service can be reached by dialing '117' on a telephone line. The announced voice program was recorded by a female, an example shown in Figure 1. The meaning is, at the rise edge of the beep, the time will be 10 hours, 20 minutes and 30 seconds. The time is announced in 10 second intervals, 24 hours a day. The speaking clock broadcasting center is located in Taipei City, which is north of TL (Chunghwa Telecom. labs in Taiwan) by about 50 kilometers. In the center, the speaking clock is automatically synchronized with the national standard time by a telephone dedicated line. The structure of the broadcasting networks is shown in Figure 2.

Figure 1 Announce program

Figure 2 Transmission topology

    The speaking clock service provides hundreds of thousands of accesses everyday. Therefore, a protesting and monitoring sub-system has been developed to emphasize running smoothly and reliably for the speaking clock. The block diagram of these two sub-systems is shown in figure 3. The protecting sub-system is aim to set up a switching mechanics for the synchronized link and the on-line equipment failures. And the monitoring sub-system is aimed at the time error measuring of input and output signal of the speaking clock. If the collected data was in abnormal states, a warning message will be shown and also sent to the operators over the mobile phone and the internet e-mail.

Figure 3 Structure of the protecting and monitoring system

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